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Mai Myanmar

Individual Travel with Driver

Are you interested in a individual journey through the golden land? Experience the benefits of traveling with a driver. In addition to the main tourist attractions are the many small encounters, what makes individual travel sweeter. Be it with the farmer in the field or the artist in the workshop.

Let yourself be enchanted by the mystical atmosphere in Bagan and Inle Lake, or relax in the secluded white sand beaches. Enjoy the relaxing in the small tea houses and leave the fascinating daily life affect you.

We offer:

• Individual tours with driver (English speaking)

• Local guides (D / F / E / I / SP speaking)

• Assistance in obtaining tickets for boat tours, sightseeing, domestic flights and hotel bookings

• Trekking

• Insights into traditional crafts, schools, elephant camps, etc.

• Yangon City tour

However you want to travel, with MAI MYANMAR you will be immersed in the original culture of Myanmar (Burma), admire the wonderful nature and learn about the amiable people in Myanmar.

Contact us and we will create your own travel program

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